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What They Say

Sir John Madejski – Reading Football Club

“They’ve continually delivered a first class product against very tight turn round deadlines.

Pergall has shown considerable empathy within an organisation which demands the utmost discretion. It is why we have had no hesitation in giving their team all areas access to document what makes Reading Football Club tick, and we have been rewarded with ideas and film work which has explained the essence of the club.

This has been matched with organisational and business skills which have delivered several thousand DVDs at the right price, the right quality and right on time.”

Dave Edmundson – Inaugural GM of the Football League Trust

Community schemes generally were perceived as an ex professional, wandering around the schools with a bag of footballs and ‘doing’ some coaching. It was an image that was difficult to disperse.

Then along came Pergall who immediately bought into my vision and produced a stunning television piece for Late Kick Off featuring what social service was really being delivered…..Pergall put The Football League Trust literally on the map and drove it right into the consciousness of many senior figures in politics, sport and business…. pure broadcasting gold from Andy Steggall, that changed everything for us all at the FLT.

Gordon Taylor – Professional Footballers’ Association chief executive

“Andy was so impressive in the way he got the very best out of our very high profile members and stakeholders. It was all there in his work – a first class professional.

Pergall’s feeling and enthusiasm for our story ensured they were able to explain both the vast sweep of our history and our current work with clarity and style.

In short order Andy grasped the essentials of all of our pioneering social and community work in education, diversity and anti-racism, rehabilitation and medical research. He also distilled all that was important over the span of our hundred year history – its political and social significance; the highs and lows and the humour.”

Ian Wooldridge – judge at the BT national journalism awards:

“We have an outstanding winner as both front of house presenter and reporter and producer. His entry includes remarkable pieces of work.”

BT national journalism awards:

“Andy’s command of the language is quite exceptional….(with) a sensitive feel for the emotional aspects of sport in all its triumphs and tragedies.”

Stoke City Council – Corporate Communications

“It was great to see in one film just how much fun the skate park facility has created for so many kids. Hopefully your show will encourage even more to do the same.”

Professional Golf Association (PGA) – Commercial director

“We were all very impressed with the clarity, energy and the amount of information that you were able to fit into the short piece. I hope that we get the opportunity to work with you again on similar projects.”

World Gold Trick Shot – Paul Smith organiser

“We stand for fun and the love of sport and so does Pergall. Their programme captured the amazing skill of our golfers perfectly. But more than that his team also understood how important it was to capture the sheer joy of our event.”

The Rugby Football Union (RFU)

“…we were delighted with the UcanDoIt programme directed by Andy Steggall. It was an enjoyable and accurate reflection of the development work we are doing with youngsters across England and the opportunities open to them and were welcomed by the participants.”